About Us


MV Junior Golf Foundation was founded in 2015 to provide junior boys and girls in the Magic Valley and surrounding areas with the opportunity to play golf, in competitive and noncompetitive environments, while learning life skills of respect, sportsmanship, perseverance, etiquette and honesty.  It is the focus of the Foundation to provide ALL juniors, regardless of economic, physical and developmental challenges, with the opportunity to participate in a junior golf program.   The directors of the Foundation are Zach Abels PGA, Kaylynne H. Rolig and Jeffrey E. Rolig.


The Foundation has constructed an indoor practice facility located at Canyon Springs Golf Course in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The facility is equipped with a TruGolf simulator, a TrackMan Launch monitor and golf equipment for all sizes and ages of junior golfers.  The simulator provides juniors with an opportunity to golf and practice throughout the year.  The facility serves as a junior clubhouse for all junior programs conducted at Canyon Springs Golf Course.